The Cyclops X360 unit provides video surveillance for stadiums, football, baseball fields and any type of sporting complex

Security Camera System for Sports Stadiums and Fields

Stadiums are the definition of the “Full Coverage” need. Simply, it is essential to provide a Surveillance System that covers the entire facility and the detailed information needed to execute action. Every possible surveillance need exists in the stadium environment and Cyclops delivers. Not only does the CyclopsX360 deliver, it does the job from a Low Profile to Concealed position. The development of the CyclopsX360 considered the highly populated stadium world from the very beginning. One of the goals in developing a stadium security camera system was to not project a sense of instability, but rather a sense of comfort. We believe, providing protection and information to deter criminal activity from our low profile position does the job. In developing the CyclopsX360 for the stadium security camera system application, we wanted to be able to view from a distance an enormous field of vision.

video surveillance system athletic fields
video surveillance unit sports complex

  360 surveillance coverage for stadiums, sports complexes, recreational fields and athletic fields

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