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School Security Camera Systems

School Security Camera Systems for High School, Elementary School, Grade School Campus’ are in high demand. One of our key considerations when developing a solution for any school security camera need, is to implement “Cyclops Vision”.  “Cyclops Vision” is a multi-tiered technology that provides video coverage of all entrances, loading docks, parking lots, play grounds and most importantly the entrance and perimeter of the school property. High School, Elementary School, Grade School security camera solutions prior to the development of the CyclopsX360 have not been able to provide our vantage point when keeping an eye on the protected area.

The CyclopsX360 will provide information away from the target that may provide the time it takes to prevent the incident from occurring. School security cameras are not new, “Cyclops Vision” is. We are Cyclops and we believe a safe school is where teachers can teach and children can learn.

Cyclops Vision

When deploying our school security camera system to keep the youth safe, we use our proprietary “Cyclops Vision” which is a multi-tiered 360 degree field of view, completely. Our philosophy is simple, the best way to solve crime is to prevent it. We believe our technology is the best available to keep our schools from becoming caught off guard. Our architecture is simple and those that mean harm take notice.


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