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Mall & Retail Parking Lot Video Security

One thing that is on the mind of any store, mall complex, strip plaza is the customer. If the customer does not feel safe, revenue will drop. The development of the CyclopsX360 considered the retail world from the very beginning. One of the goals in developing a mall security camera system or individual store security camera system, was to not project a sense of instability, but rather a sense of comfort. We believe in providing protection and information to deter criminal activity from our low profile position. In developing the CyclopsX360 for the Mall security camera system application, we wanted to be able to view from a distance an enormous field of vision, hence “Cyclops Vision”.

Cyclops Vision

“Cyclops Vision” is a multiple tiered technology that begins with the “First Tier” description of the activity, then the “Second Tier” detailed descriptions of those involved, the “Third Tier” descriptions such as facial, clothing type, license plates and more. This technology will give any security guard, office administration and ownership, the sense they are providing the best environment for their customers. It is cost that prohibits the installation of most security systems and the CyclopsX360 was designed with that in mind. We are Cyclops and we know about the bottom dollar.


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