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Gated Communities

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gated community video surveillance

Gated Community Video Surveillance 

Gated Community Security Cameras Systems are becoming more popular for many reasons. The CyclopsX360 is the perfect solution to any Gated Community Security Camera need. Our proprietary system is one of a kind and was designed to secure entrances in a manner that protects the image of the community as well as providing the information needed to bring closure to situations that affect the residents.

Cyclops Vision

By utilizing our custom package, the CyclopsX360 can provide the best Security Camera System coverage in the community. The proprietary “Cyclops Vision” gathers important data such as the “First Tier” description of the activity, “Second Tier” detailed descriptions of those involved and “Third Tier” descriptions such as facial, clothing type, license plates, etc… We are Cyclops and we believe in “Soft Surveillance” further enhancing a standard of living in our communities

Deterring Crime

Because some of our communities can border high crime areas.  We believe “Urban Neighborhoods” will require a presence that is aimed toward deterring crime. Our product when installed in the heart of the neighborhood will send a message that clearly states our presence and our intention to remove the criminal elements. Our base design is intended to openly show our product and the coverage it provides. Unlike the Gated Community configuration, the base model stands tall and undisguised. We are Cyclops and we are here.


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