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Apartments and Town Houses

Apartments and Town Houses
Video Surveillance for Apartment Buildings, Apartment Complexes, Town Houses

apartment town house video security system

Apartment and Town House Security Camera Systems

Our solution for security cameras around apartment complexes and town houses is simple. We install our base CyclopsX360 in plain site that lets the population know we care about the quality of living on this property.

Cyclops Vision

Our “Cyclops Vision” will capture multiple tiers of video that can be used to enforce property policies and eliminate the activities that lead to the vacancy of the desirable tenants. It is our experience, once we deploy a CyclopsX360 system in a community, the residents feel protected and that the quality of environment is improved. Upon installation the community takes notice, upon implementation the management takes notice. We are Cyclops and we believe we can elevate the communities of those in need and the rest benefit.


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