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Cyclops Technology Group is committed to developing unique surveillance solutions that satisfy our clients security needs. During the design of your security system, CTG will integrate innovative solutions such as the CyclopsX360 system.

Custom Security Surveillance Systems

Housing Complexes/Apartment Complexes, Schools, Parks, Neighborhoods, Government Subsidized Housing(Hud/Section 8 Apartment Complexes), Municipal, Commercial Properties, Shipping Ports, can all benefit.” says Rob Dietl-owner of Cyclops Technology Group.

Because of the strong presence, the Cyclops X360 has proven to deter activity not conducive to the properties policies. Both private and government housing complexes can now afford and implement surveillance that immediately impacts the community. Government communities: City, State and Federal agencies can benefit from the very easy to install and maintain Cyclops X360 product. When compared to other solutions, the X360 has proven to be cost effective and impact-positive. Our unique point of presence is unequaled.

We deliver real, cost effective results, that’s what we do.

“Cyclops Vision” is our unique multi points of view technology. The X360 will provide continuous, fixed views required to obtain important video evidence when needed. Cyclops Vision provides both “Live” and Recorded at maximum allowable frame rates of up to 60FPS. Please refer to our graphics that show saturation of coverage for an entire “Housing Complex”. With just a few CyclopsX360 units this property provides the most effective, full coverage without camera clutter.


  • CyclopsX360 “All-In-One” system requires NO labor for running cable to Cameras. The Cyclops X360 is mounted anywhere there is a need.
  • Traditional Systems incur high labor cost to install cable, if running cable is an not prohibitive. Many complexes can have many roadways , sidewalks, etc. that make it difficult to pass.
  • CyclopsX360 “All-In-One” system eliminates installation of multiple camera enclosures
  • CyclopsX360 can use Wifi for connectivity


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