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UCBX-EZ (Universal Communications Bracket Extreme-Easy)

products-ucbx01The UCBX-EZ is a unit developed to meet the needs of the current and future communication installations. The ever growing need for Wireless Broadband and Surveillance is requiring innovations to continue forward. Wireless Broadband and Surveillance Networks have overlooked the cumbersome installation process required to place, configure and implement a Wireless, Surveillance Network. Until the development of the UCBX-EZ the installation process of wireless and surveillance networks have been time consuming logistical challenges directly affecting the bottom line and the success of various projects. Utilizing the UCBX-EZ will increase productivity by up to 500%. Our own studies have found that an average installation of a Wireless Node can take up to 16 man hours vs 3 man hours utilizing the UCBX-EZ. Of the 3 man hours using the UCBX-EZ, a pre-staging was completed by apprentice laborers in the shop for a total of 1.5 Hours.

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