Our Safe Zone Applications

The Cyclops X360 is designed to be your solution in any environment. See below for more details.

x360 city parks

City Parks

See how installing just one Cyclops X360 can create a saturated worry free safe zone in your city park.

solutions x360 apartment complexes

Apartment Complexes

The Cyclops X360 provides saturated safe zones as well as a presence like nothing else on the market. See how The Cyclops X360 can secure your complex today. 

x360 school campuses

School Campuses

School campuses are always a top priority when it comes to safety which is why The Cyclops X360 would be a great benefit to any campus. 

x360 shopping malls

Shopping Malls

Creating a saturated safe zone in your shopping mall complex gives customers and businesses peace of mind. Promoting more business and activity in the area. The Cyclops X360 can provide that comfort. 

solutions x360 municipals


Create a 360-degree saturated safe zone and secure you city blocks with The Cyclops X360. Gather license plates and valuable information from over 1000 feet away. 

x360 marina airports

Marina and Airports

With the complex layout and wide open spaces of marinas and airports created a challenging landscape to secure and survey. The Cyclops X360 can provide saturated safe zones wherever there is power, making it the perfect solution. 

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