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Our team of professionals are committed to providing the complete consulting package. A simple 1.2.3 process is approached in each situation.

  1. Discovery: Meet your business. Listen to your wants and needs as you see it. Discuss your business and ask questions designed to uncover other possible wants and needs. Close with a project timeline our businesses can be comfortable with in order to achieve the goal.
  2. Research ~ Development ~ Propose:Our team of communications professionals will research the current offered products available to the application. The foreseeable future is always considered during the process. Developing the system based on our information will have your business and industry in mind when finalizing the solution to be proposed.
  3. Implementation and Deployment: We will securely oversee the integration process in order to optimize the ultimate goal. Our third and final step is designed to hand our customer the turnkey solution we as a team set out to achieve. We set the goal to reach the goal.


Network Design
The network design is the circulatory system of your businesses data. Our primary function is to provide the healthiest environment for your network to thrive. Our simple 1.2.3 approach used when consulting is also implemented when providing a solid network design. This will assist in maximizing the flow and security of your information within the LAN. Equipment will be integrated into the system geared towards optimizing security and speed throughout the network. Maximizing your networks horsepower and stability are the goal.

Wireless Engineering
While the “Wireless” alternative is ever becoming a great fit for many networks it is also among most susceptible to interference. One key factor of operating efficient wireless equipment is in the engineering and design. CTG is qualified in providing a spectrum analysis of the area in which your wireless equipment is to operate. As part of the engineering and design our team will evaluate current interference, equipment need and a strategic deployment in order to achieve maximum broadband throughput. Without a proper design your businesses system can experience many wasted hours of manpower and downtime.

Project Management
Project management of a communications deployment is key to its success. Our team understands the “Ground Up” process from the design phase to the implementation phase to the hand off phase. We will implement a Project Management process that will assist in the efficient installation of your system. Our experienced staff will work side by side with your project integrators, suppliers and internal personnel always aware of the forward development.

Project Intergration
We work with “Project Integrators” that are experienced in satisfying our customer’s communications requirements. Our integrator will represent all of the positive products CTG provides. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive plan that maps a direction necessary to a successful installation. Integration products include: Wireless Deployments, Wired Networks, Fiber-optic cabling, Surveillance Systems, VoIP and Digital Telephony, etc… For a detailed look, check out the “SOLUTIONS” page.


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