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What does your business provide?

The Cyclops Technology Group provides surveillance innovation, we developed the Cyclops X360 Product and its  ”bolt owns”…Represent all communications/Surveillance Disciplines to provide state of the art products and services…products are designed with Obsolescence Protection, cost effective installations, Maintenance feasible and elite products…Place it where it belongs instead of where you are limited to…Have grown 100% in first three years and represents over 1 Million in sales with no marketing to date.

How much does it cost?…..Less Labor & Less Material =

Less Labor + No Camera Cable + No Individual Camera Install = A lot of savings on every install            

Simple, we only sell our systems to clients that will benefit  from our product  and the clients that benefit save a lot on their system.  Please refer to our case study of a client that has saved thousands above what the competition can offer!

Our product is customized to each solution. Because of our All in One Patent Pending Design our solutions are in most cases 10-30% less expensive than traditional solutions. In fact, when maintenance costs are included, Cyclops customers can realize a 50-60% savings over the life of the system.

What if something new comes out?…..New Technology, No Problem

The X360 product is designed to integrate new technology as it becomes available, avoiding costly upgrades.  Our system can also run with your original technology and the new simultaneously as your facility is ready too phase in the latest technology, over time!  This is why we say, CyclopsX360 provides obsolescence protection.

Why is the CyclopsX360 better?…..Vantage Point is our Advantage!

The X360 with “CYCLOPS VISION” is installed in a location that is calculated to provide the most coverage.  Without running cable to each device, this saves money on high installation costs!  More money for technology!  Simply put, our system is in one compact product that does the job of many separately installed cameras.  We eliminate the unsightly cameras mounted all over your property and install our low profile X360.

Is it expensive to maintain?……….Less Labor = Less Cost

Our product was designed to cut high labor costs to maintain a surveillance system.  For every maintenance call our system can eliminate hours of troubleshooting and save hundreds of dollars per call.  This savings on maintenance is what helps to keep systems running!  In fact in studies, the CyclopsX360 has lasted 3 times longer than the competition and 70% less expensive to troubleshoot and replace a faulty device.

Can you explain the long term savings?

2006 customer invested over 500,000 on a system for their property which consisted of two neighborhoods. In 2008 the same customer invested 200,000 on the third neighborhood in the same development with Cyclops Technology.

By 2008 the customer began experiencing problems at the first two properties and they were each 80-90% failed by 2010. Because of the exorbitant costs with each service call due to the NON-Cyclops architecture, the customer could not afford to keep their system functioning.

In 2014 the customer still has access to much of the existing system in neighborhood three, with plans to expand into the first two neighborhoods with the Cyclops technology.

Non-Cyclops Technology lasted 1 year before major problems began. Within three years, most of the system was having issues. Within 5 years, most of the system has failed.

$500,000.00 spent in 2006, by 2010 maintenance would have cost 250,000, by 2012 the system is in need of replacement. Cost estimates with labor could climb to original installation costs.
CYCLOPS TECHNOLOGY has lasted 6 years with minor maintenance issues addressed due to the low labor cost to maintain the CYCLOPS SYTEM

$200,000.00 spent in 2008 is still functioning at year 2014 with scheduled maintenance costs at below 2% for the first six years. In fact the expansion into the first two neighborhoods to replace the current system is at 10% of the original cost. In addition, the customer is getting the latest in technology to boot!

How much maintenance is involved?

An equally attractive component of the CyclopsX360, is its ease of maintenance and obsolescence protection. In fact most issues that may arise over time can be diagnosed within 5 minutes and with part on hand fixed within an hour. This is a far cry from the typical Maintenance call that in many situation take hours to diagnose and additional hours resolving. It is this reason Cyclops Technology Group designed the All In One surveillance solution.

We want our customers to invest in a system that will continue to function forever and it is the savings on maintenance and upgrades that get the job done!

Can we install the system ourselves?

Yes. The system is designed to allow for those that are not experts in the field to Install and Maintain their system. All of the configuration can be completed prior to shipping and with instructions for the positioning and locking down, most maintenance crews can achieve installation. With our tech support, we can help to install and maintain you system, using your crew.

How long can the recordings be stored?

Our systems are built up to need, even after time goes by. You time limit is achievable, just tell us how long you want to keep the video.

Can you move and view the cameras online?

Yes. When designing the product, Cyclops’ focus is functionality, both on AND off site. Our software programs are among the most user friendly in the industry. Remote Access is a breeze.

How do your cameras work at night?

Our system is built with the Night Time in mind. While there is a number of considerations that come into play when achieving the best vision at night, there is give and take. For this reason a system has to be developed properly with the need and environment in mind. Because of the compact design of the X360 product, can achieve the best nighttime devices for any situation.

What is the furthest length of the zoom capability?

Our base systems can be built with Pan Tilt Zoom capabilities which are capable of zooming over a 1000’ with very intricate detail. It is the architecture of the X360 that allows for integration of the latest technological advancements that allow for the absolute best to be integrated in the easiest of upgrades.

How long does it take to install?

The CyclopsX360 product is a one of a kind, under optimum conditions, the All In One solution can take a day to install. In fact, the CyclopX360 product was designed with ease of installation in mind.

Who is your target market / audience?

Open Campus environments…Outdoor surveillance is primary with indoor complements…Can be installed in any environment and in any location…Schools, Universities, Mall Complexes, Apartment Complexes/Strip Malls, Shipping Ports, Bridges, Tunnels, Business Parking Lots, Gated Communities, City Streets, Parks, Game Preserves…EVENTS with portable units. Police Chiefs, School Presidents, Government Security, Park Rangers, Counsel Persons, Mall Owners, Apartment Complex Owners…

Why is the X360 so big?…..Actually, All-In-One means we are compact

We are one moderately sized product that provides the needed space to replace up to 32 devices on your buildings and streets.  In fact, not only do we replace the eyesore and negative impression many cameras have in a community, we place our unit in a discrete location that maximizes coverage without customers noticing.

What our customers realize once the system is installed are few things:

  1. I don’t even notice it because once it is installed it is much smaller than I realized, in fact many times the X360 is installed away from the area watching from a distance.
  2. I do like that I don’t have to have lots of unsightly cameras mounted all over my buildings and streets.
  3. Once it was installed people felt safer, and crime was deterred.”


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