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Cyclops Technology Group is committed to providing high quality, custom security and surveillance solutions. 

About Cyclops Technology Group

Cyclops Technology Group was founded in 1999 by Rob Dietl with one goal in mind, provide a high quality surveillance solution, that is easy to install, cost effective and can out last any other product on the market. With that in mind The Cyclops X360 was born, our patented all in one surveillance product is the only product on the market the that provides high quality video surveillance and a presence like nothing else on the market. Our all in one design allows for easy cost effective installation and maintenance saving you money.

Every install is custom to the client’s needs and design of the property. Our years of expertise allows us to identify the best approach to security and surveillance in any environment. After a site survey Cyclops Technology Group will go to the drawing board and provide multiple options for an approach to securing your property and create a worry free safe zone on your property.

While providing the patented Cyclops X360 product Cyclops Technology Group has the experience and knowledge to take care of any security or surveillance need. Cyclops Technology Group offers many other services to include remote support, video monitoring, guard management software and much more contact us today!

The Cyclops X360


All-In-One Design

The Cyclops X360 is the only all-in-one surveillance system that provides high quality, high resolution video quality while maintaining a presence like nothing else on the market. This design allows The Cyclops X360 to be installed anywhere there is a power source. 


Cutting Edge Technology

Cyclops Technology Group is committed to continue research of new technology that can provide continue to make our product and solutions better. This mindset allows Cyclops Technology Group to stay ahead of the curve and provide the best security and surveillance solutions. 


A Product Built To Last

The Cyclops X360 is a NEMA rated climate controlled unit. This means that The Cyclops X360 is designed to last 25 Years with minimal upgrades and maintenance throughout the life of the product. 

Years Established


“The CyclopsX360 safe zone area is impressive and covers our entire parks… we get excellent images including faces and plate’s… it is a deterrent to crime and we receive virtually no calls… most importantly our officers are free to patrol other areas of the city… I fully recommend the X360 system”

Captain Massucci – Warren City Police

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