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Forbid crime in your area by creating safe zones with the Cyclops X360 surveillance units


Cyclops Technology Group is committed to safety solutions that make a difference. Our dedication to your community shows in every system we design. While our solutions are highly effective and provide detailed high resolution video, our true passion is developing a product that provides a presence and becomes part of your landscape. Our expertise gives us the edge in providing advanced turn-key solutions. We invest in our communities with the ultimate goal of “worry-free” surveillance.

Instant Safe Zone

The Cyclops X360 creates an instant, 360-degree worry free saturated safe zone wherever its installed.

No Camera Clutter

The all-in-one design eliminates the camera clutter and unsightly camera trees.

High Resolution

The Cyclops X360 has the ability to capture high resolution images of license plates and faces over 100 feet away.

View Live & Recorded

You can view The Cyclops X360 live at anytime or playback up to 30 days.

The Cyclops X360 is the answer to your security camera system needS

The Cyclops X360 is a complete edge solution, our design allows us to create safe zones and gather images and video not possible with traditional camera installations. The Cyclops X360 is easy to install and easy to maintain saving you money up front and in costly camera maintenance. Out units are built from a NEMA rated climate controlled enclosure and this design allows our product to last over 20 years with minimal maintenance and upgrades. The Cyclops X360 used a multi-tiered multi-sensor approach to created a saturated safe zone, with up to 32 views per unit those views are custom fit to the needs of your property, those views show images at varying distances and focal points. Our product can be installed with cellular, wireless or wired communication giving live view and recorded view access to the system anywhere and anytime.
  • Climate Controlled/NEMA Rated
  • All-In-One Design for Easy Install and Maintenance
  • Video back up for 30 days
  • Multi-tier Coverage
  • Creates Worry Free Saturated Safe Zones
  • Up to 32 Views Per Unit
  • Unmatched Coverage
  • Longterm Investment/Solution

Safer Neighborhoods & Streets

The Cyclops X360 has been proven to create saturated safe zones and reduce crime. The Cyclops X360 has been proven time and time again in its ablility to deter crime and create safe zones wherever it is installed.

We Offer Free Consultations and Quotes

Cyclops Technology Group offers free quotes consolations and site surveys. Cyclops Technology Group is committed to the client and satisfying the needs of the customer. Through our process we address the needs of the property, the needs of the client and design the most effective solution for your area.

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