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Municipal Video Security
City security camera systems


Municipal Security Camera Systems

One of the most visible areas of surveillance are the city sercurity camera systems in place around the country. Municipal security camera systems are designed to provide public safety and elevate the communities living. Unfortunately the technology has made it cost prohibitive to maximize coverage and for this reason the municipal security camera systems do not provide the intended results. The CyclopsX360 is the solution to all of the city security camera system needs and more.

Cyclops Vision

Our one of a kind “Cyclops Vision” which is a multi tiered technology has proven to provide the information needed to prosecute and convict those that do harm to our communities. “Cyclops Vision” is a multiple tiered technology that begins with the “First Tier” description of the activity, then the “Second Tier” detailed descriptions of those involved, the “Third Tier” descriptions such as facial, clothing type, license plates and more. All tiers are simultaneous and do not require modification to view due to the X360 architecture. In addition our technology was developed with the post installation in mind. Simply put, we know maintenance is the key to the product and our product is once again on a level all its own.

Cyclops Support

Most troubleshooting and resolutions take minutes verses days and our support is there when you need us. Bottom line, we have worked hard and put our experience to work to create the CyclopsX360 and created the most advanced product that saves on installation and maintenance costs. These savings are then translated into an advanced city security camera system that actually makes an impact on the community. We are Cyclops and we are on a mission to elevate and maintain a new sense of community.

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